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3/20/09 08:07 pm - i want to adopt everyone

i am so outlandishly sad about the displacement of pets and the cruelty to animals during the hard times in the economy. 

why even get a pet if you at the slightest sign of hard times you would be willing to dump it at a shelter, leave it at the house you moved out of, set it free on Lansing, or give it away for free to whoever is willing to take it (and fast?)

i can't believe that people could treat these animals that have lived with them in their homes, been their companions like a bag of trash or a piece of furniture! 

there are lists on craiglist of dogs that owners need to "get rid of asap" or "before this weekend"  also things like 200 gallon reptile tank-$50 and you get my 7 year old bearded dragons for free!  SERIOUSLY?  you've had these animals for 7 years and you're willing to give them away to anyone so you can get $50 for you tank set up?  Even if it is more...What are you going to do if the buyer doesn't want the lizard?

i understand that people have very little respect for animals in this country, but these animals LIVE IN THEIR HOUSES!  They bought them in the first place because they WANTED a PET.



sick of getting 75 of the same victoria's secret catalogs every month?  so am i.  tired of cutting down enough trees to make 19 billion catalogs a year, not to mention the water wasted and chemical waste produced in their processing? 

lazy as all hell and procrastinating calling all those companies and asking to be removed from their list?  me too.


give them your name and address, then select the catalogs you're sick of and they'll do that shit for you, and save the world while they're at it.  thank bono for that.

12/22/07 06:53 pm


donates small denominations of rice to the United Nations World Food Program every time you take their vocabulary quizzes, powered by the advertisers on the site.  Free, no account required or personal info required, play as long as you want.


is a regular search engine, powered by MSN and Microsoft, that donates 1 penny per search, up to ten cents/day, to a charity or school of your choice.  A free account with minimal personal information is required.

4/22/07 12:36 am

the CIA world factbook lists that the u.s. has FOUR political parties (green and libertarian count because they can't make us look too stupid in our own factbook!) 

spain has 15 (two are coalitions of several smaller parties)

the united kingdom has 9

france has 11

sweden has 8

china has 1

russia has 7

brazil has 16

north korea has 3, however the other two are under the first's control

the question is why are we playing the same ballgame as governments that operate under dictators?

see for yourself

4/21/07 11:58 pm

there are very productive cults of bicyclists who operate businesses with cab services, delivering groceries, and moving refrigerators (and other heavy appliances and equipment).  thank god someone is.   here you can find pictures of them transporting up to 750 lbs by bike:     bikesatwork.com 

1/8/07 11:44 pm - i swear this takes less than one minute

please click on this link and sign this petition to make our government come through with the money they promised last year to save people in starving countries.

you have to fill out your name and address, that's all!

Urge your representatives to co-sign the Brownback-Durbin letter in the Senate and the Lee-Shays letter in the House of Representatives, urging Congress to fund some of the crucial poverty fighting measures that were passed in 2006.

together we can make poverty history.
we need to act today.


1/4/07 11:56 pm

would anyone be interested in subleasing my room in a four bedroom house (east lansing) with three fabulous female roommates?  rent is $250/month (negotiable). 

12/31/06 03:34 am - textbook shopping

this book website has better prices than amazon (which means way better than sbs for example), free shipping, AND donates part of the proceeds to literacy funds like: books for Africa, worldfund, room to read, etc. 


they work with carbonfund.org to purchase renewable energy credits and help reforestation that will offset the damage of carbon emissions through transportation and shipping. 
you should probably buy all your books from here (its not any more expensive than other book websites, free shipping, AND it gives you something to feel good about (saving the world, for example)

12/30/06 12:50 am

are strawberries really wild?
will they scratch an adult, will they snap at a child?
should you pet them, or let them run free where they roam?
could they ever relax in a steam-heated home?
can they be rained to not growl at the guests?
will a litterbox work or would they leave a mess?
can we make them a cowberry, herding the cows,
or maybe a muleberry pulling the plows,
or maybe a huntberry chasing the grouse,
or maybe a watchberry guarding the house,
and htough they may curl up at your feet oh so sweetly,
can you ever feel that you trust them completely?
or should we make a pet out of something less scary,
like the domestic prune or the imported cherry,
anyhow, you've been warned and i will not be blamed
if your wild strawberry cannot be tamed

--shell silverstein

12/29/06 05:27 pm - more social theory

public sphere and media spectacleCollapse )



fetishism of money and commoditiesCollapse )
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